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Our termite bait is non-toxic and not bad for children, pets or adults. For more information regarding our termite treatments, please visit the treatments section.

A treatment for termites can be reactive or proactive. Treatments are generally indicated whenever you notice termite activity; nonetheless our baiting and monitoring treatment is a two-pronged approach to pest control. The under-ground bait stations can be left monitoring all year round for termite action, so when termite activity will increase our technicians can add lure to eliminate the termite colony. .

Termites are always looking for new sources of food, therefore should they find a large amount of timber in or around your home which isnt properly handled, they could move in precisely the same moment.

Termites can even infest a house structure until its even completed so if youre moving into a new house, check out our pre-purchase inspections.



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Termites can squeeze through tiny cracks and openings. They do however need an extremely controlled environment: the nest and all pathways to it are often in a much higher temperature than the surrounding atmosphere. This means that termites will either enter your house using timber in contact with the ground or via mud tunnels from the ground through cracks in concrete or pipe penetrations through the slab or foundation walls. .

Termites arent easy to spot. There are sometimes tell-tale signs such as sand tunnels, but termites can be very clever at hiding their tracks. If you suspect you have termites, you need to invest in a termite inspection as soon as possible by one of our Termite Control Technicians.

Rentokils termite control technicians are equipped with devices which can not only see termites, but can listen to termites. The latest equipment is accessible to our technicians and contains moisture sensors, heat sensors and sound sensors (to listen for the clicking sound termites go make) hence the termites have hardly any chance of remaining undetected.



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Termites can cause a great deal of harm to a home if given only half a chance. This guide will help you be able to find affordable solutions which can help you get rid of this pest to get good.ContentsWhat Are TermitesSigns of TermitesHow To Kill TermitesDIY Termite TreatmentTermite Treatment CostHow To Prevent TermitesNatural Termite ControlWhat Are TermitesTermites are colony pests which come in 5 different types.

Termites can appear click this site in any plant or timber substances without any indication they are there. The termite is specifically designed to tear out hard cellulose materials, but they will feed on a novel just as easily as theyll feed on cabinetry.Here are the sorts of termites you might find in your home.Conehead termites.Dampwood termites.Drywood termites.Formosan termites.Subterranean termites.No matter in which your house may be located, any or all of these kinds of termites could be present.

Subterranean termites build mounds outdoors and then extensive tunnel systems which access areas of your house out of underneath.Termites are a constant, ongoing threat in each season. Thats why it is very important to have a pest control plan that's ready to implement at any moment. It does not take long for a colony of termites of any type to be able to cause an extensive amount of damage in any home.Signs of TermitesThe most common sign of a termite infestation is when there are winged varieties that are trying to escape the house.



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Additionally it is fairly common to find that the cabinet infestation of termites have winged pests hovering around the colony website. This discovery generally happens during the first days of Spring.Heres some good news: you dont have to wait until Spring to find out if you have a termite infestation. There are some common warning signs that can be observed at any time of year which can allow you to know that theres a colony of those pests hanging around.Paint which has bubbled or cracked.



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There could be frass within the bubble, and that's what the waste of the termite is known as. Walls may also crack in a way that arent normal for foundational cracking.Solid wood now sounds hollow. Termites will leave the outer structure of a cellulose item intact, carving out the interior like a hollow chocolate Easter bunny.

Termite tubes seem somewhat different than hornet or wasp tubes. Wasps and hornets tend to stay congregated in one location. Termites will spread along exterior walls, wood beams, and down in crawl spaces.If Spring has turned into Summer and you also find a bunch of discarded wings in your house, this is also an indication that termites are present.

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